An Introduction to SGI and Nichiren Buddhism (event)

I practice Nichiren Buddhism with the SGI, as you probably know from my previous blog posts. If you’d like to learn more about the SGI and Nichiren Buddhism and how it can make an impact on your life, please join us for our introductory event on 14 January 2018 in Ipswich.



Sending love and light to Presidents Trump and Kim Jong-un

Martin Luther King - Hate cannot drive out hate only love can do that.

In November 2016 when Donald Trump was elected President I was among many to be shocked. Although my immediate reaction was one of disbelief, this was immediately followed by an urgent need to send Donald Trump love and light and pray that he connect to his higher self / Buddhahood. In light of recent events, i.e. the situation in North Korea, I feel this is even more imperative and that we can also send love and light to Kim Jong-un and pray for him to reveal his higher self / Buddhahood. (BTW, has anyone else noticed that his name rhymes with wrong-un? Haha) More

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